Hope for Flowers, Expect Freezes, and Handle the In-between

Fingers frozen and a face on fire, it turns out both can happen at the same time.


This is the first full feeling I got while taking an afternoon off at the Japanese Tea Garden with my parents. No phone, except for a quick picture of course, and just the sweet sound of a woman trying to find a second bunch of flowers (accompanied by the slightly louder voice of my mother asking how in the hell my computer broke). The fact that this safe haven is found just ten minutes away from the craziness of downtown San Antonio is astonishing to me. The fact that this is my second year living here and I have never been here is even more astonishing.

After taking a lap around the uncharted cove, my parents and I purchased a hibiscus iced tea, the delicious origin of my frozen fingers. We then sat on a bench across from a wedding setup happening, becoming the token observers of the happiest day of someone else’s life. There was something about watching chaos without being apart of it that was a sweet relief to me. With basketball season, physical therapy, school, work, and two internships going on, a true moment of stillness was unmarked territory. I don’t think my parents realized how nice it was to simply sit. They came to watch the basketball game that day, although I honestly can’t even remember which one it was. The games all run together at this point. Another loop of the same warm-up songs, another pregame speech that I had to perform to my teammates even though I wasn’t even playing, another late night of studying afterwards . . .

But in this one moment, with the sun beating on my face and the ice cubes slowly watering down my tea, the world stopped and I was able to think beyond the daily schedule. I was able to look at the wrinkles that have slowly been spreading across my mother’s face, and the small grey hairs that are beginning to poke out from my father’s chin. Beyond their loving faces was the garden. Although I had seen pictures, it was definitely more beautiful in person. Piercingly cliqué, I know. However, it wasn’t quite as colorful as imagined, for the previous week’s frost had wiped out most of the plants and flowers. Amazing, isn’t it. These green and red and orange seeds spend the entirety of their lives growing into beautiful, sometimes strong and sometimes wispy, fearless sights. All to be wiped away in an unexpected rush of cold. Life is certainly a . . . female dog.

The realization of an unexpected disaster was the perfect result of this date. You can

work as hard as you can, but sometimes it will catch up to you. Sometimes it’s something you have done, and sometimes it’s a cold front in Texas. But sometimes, you just have to sit back, let your fingers freeze while your face  burns, and just hope to goodness that the lady finds her bouquet.



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I found that it was extremely rare for articles to mention more than one trend in each article. They were short and just focused on the topic in that article. I read many articles in order to really see the trends and repeating topics. For my summaries, I actually picked some of the longest ones. Some of the more directly related articles were only a couple lines long. I also found that almost all of the articles contained tweets from players showing their own personal opinions on the matters at stake. Finally, many of the other trade publications such as SLAM magazine, BleacherReport, or Hoops Magazine would write a couple of lines and then link to NBA.com. Because of this, I found better information on the actual NBA site.


Rumors or suspicions for upcoming trades.

Trades in the NBA are a big deal. Players switching from team to team can have a big impact on the outcomes of games, or chemistry on the team. However, fans tend to only care or be aware of the big name trades or after they happen. Only trade publications, I found that many people were talking about trade suspicions, or the talk of things that might happen. They also were discussing small name players that could be traded, knowing the little differences that could make on the teams. Overall, this was by far the biggest trend. With the trade deadline coming up, majority of articles were discussing this topic. However, most of them were only a short paragraph long

Injuries that aren’t catastrophic.

Injuries are obviously a big deal in professional athletics. However, usually the headlines only name the injuries that are going to end a season or cause severe harm. There were many articles that discussed small injuries, such as a twisted ankle or right arm soreness. Although these do not mean that much to spectators, this could change the game for the business side of the game. A small injury could lower playing time, change up the game strategy, or cause a lot of buzz around the office that day to see if the player will take the court or not.

Records or weird statistics.

Another trend was statistics that happened in previous games that may not be a big deal. For example, the number of points in a quarter may not seem like a big deal to a common fan in the stands. However, on the business side this is a crucial stat that could change a lot in a game and really show productivity on the court. These stats are also important information for broadcasters, who need a lot of information to talk about during time-outs and other down times in the game span. These quick and short facts can fill time and become lines in their script.

Article 5: MRI shows partial quad tear for Bucks guard Malcolm Brogdon

This article was published on ESPN’s website on February second, 2018. It gets right to the point in the first sentence, reporting that the Milwaukee guard Malcolm Brogdon will miss six to eight weeks with a partially torn left quadriceps tendon. They go on to give a background of Brogdon, the one-year old NBA Rookie of the Year. After reporting his statistics so far this season, they explain how injury happened and incorporate some quotes from the Bucks interim coach Joe Prunty. Finally, the finish off the article with an update that Atlanta Hawks Taurean Prince is going to replace Brogdon on the U.S. Team in the Rising Stars event at the NBA All-Star weekend. ARTICLE HERE!

Article 4: Charlotte Hornets score franchise-record 49 points in first quarter vs. Indiana Pacers

This article published on February second and written by NBA.com staff reports relayed the extremely exciting stat that the Hornets scored 49 points in the first quarter versus the Indiana Pacers. Although this stat would seem pointless to most, it is a franchise history record that is pretty impressive. Although this article was short, it was a good example of what people in the industry would be interested in. It would be an important fact to put into the game notes that are distributed to media every game, as well as a good addition to broadcasting scripts. The article breaks down how the Hornets accumulated these points and finished with the list of teams that share the NBA record for the most points in the first quarter. ARTICLE HERE!

Article 3: LA Clippers, Detroit Pistons each staking future on results of Blake Griffin trade

This article posted by NBA was written by David Aldridge, and included details about injuries and trades all under the name of Blake Griffin. The story started with the details of the new trade that sent Griffin from the Clippers to the Pistons, and followed with some of the risks that trade could entail. Griffin missed the ending of the last couple seasons with injuries that also kept him out of the Olympics and All-Star teams. He reaffirms, however, that those setbacks have not stopped the center as he has always makes it back to the court in the least amount of time possible. Aldridge further explains the details of the trade and why the Pistons were starving for a star like Griffin. Gores, the owner of the Pistons, claimed surprisingly, “we’re serious about winning”. Shocking, I know. The organization further insisted that they received Blake “for his talent alone, but the Pistons haven’t drawn well at all in their first year in their new building”, and this article definitely shows that suspicious side of the trade. The article finishes with the idea that the absence of Griffin on the Clippers will exponentially speed up their demise that was already in affect. Following that the quote, “The Pistons don’t care” was extremely savage, as they play each other this Friday. Grab the popcorn, people. ARTICLE HERE!

Article 2: Giannis Antetokounmpo, Matthew Dellavedova suffer injuries in win vs. Brooklyn Nets

This NBA article was written by NBA media reports on February fifth. As with all trade publications for the basketball industry, this article began with a quick summary of how the team is doing that is discussed in the following story. This one was the Milwaukee Bucks. Turns out that they are doing just fine despite a full, healthy roster. The star player Giannis Antetokounmpo suffered a horrible, tragic, never-before-seen TWISTED ANKLE. This is obviously a very minor injury, which is why it was not a headline on ESPN. However, the star forward realizes this as he said that if “the game was close [he] would definitely [have gone] back in”. Even better, the Bucks still pulled out a win against the Nets on Sunday despite the devastating loss of Antetokounmpo with seven and a half minutes remaining in the game. The article focused completely on this injury, including details of the game and team around it. They also reported on Matthew Dellavedova, who also suffered an injury to his right ankle. The article included a quote from Matt Velazques of The Journal Sentinel, who had more details of the injury and a video of the game highlights. ARTICLE HERE!